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Alginate Alternative Fast Set 50ml.

Alginate Alternative Fast Set 50ml.

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MARK3 Alginate Alternative is an extremely versatile Vinyl Polysiloxane impression material that serves as a substitute to traditional alginate. MARK3 Alginate Alternative eliminates the need for hand mixing, saving procudure time and cleanup, while providing precise and accurate impressions. It offers superior dimensional stability and provides high distortion resistance when compared to regular alginate.

Contains: 25 tips per bag

  • Used for dental impressions, orthodontic models,
  • case study model impressions, opposing models
  • removable retainers and splints, simple removable
  • dentures, provisional crown and bridge.
  • Pre-mixed cartridges
  • No mess
  • Saves time
  • Excellent dimensional stability decreases distortions
  • Pleasant mint flavor
  • Cost effective alternative


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