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Composite Instrument, Plastic handle, 3CSCT15

Composite Instrument, Plastic handle, 3CSCT15

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Composite Instrument, Plastic handle, 3CSCT15
Osung 3CSCT15 Composite Instrument is competently built with high grade material that decreases hand and wrist weariness. Composite instrument features dual working autoclavable ends. Medical tool is effectively built for cutting and contouring dental composites. Dental equipment is effectively manufactured with top quality metal to maximize instrument life and investment. Dental tool is specifically produced to be used for reproducing the proper anatomy of the finer points of the tooth such as fit and fissure. Medical apparatus is efficiently designed to deliver ideal performance. Dental instrument comes with proficient plastic grip that provides better handling and tactile feel.

Each tool of Osung is quality-driven and produced with international quality standards. The goal of the organization is to provide classified tools that provide optimum performance during medical sessions.

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