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Composite Instrument, Plastic handle, 3CSCOM13

Composite Instrument, Plastic handle, 3CSCOM13

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Composite Instrument, Plastic handle, 3CSCOM13
Osung 3CSCOM13 Composite Instrument is proficiently made to offer optimum performance. Dental equipment comes with excellent plastic grip that delivers comfortable handling and palpable feel. Medical apparatus is ergonomically constructed with premium quality metal to enhance instrument life and investment. Dental tool is efficiently manufactured to create ideal occlusal anatomy. Dental equipment is resourcefully produced with medical grade material that reduces hand and wrist stress. Composite instrument features dual working autoclavable ends. Medical instrument is effectively built for cutting and contouring dental composites.

Osung dental instruments are constructed to fulfil current dental industry demands. ISO certified factories and GMP norms assure that the instrument must deliver the expected outcome.

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